Bennest Karate School doesn't just teach, they build character and
become more than just a school. They are more like one huge family.
They care about there students.
-S. Hucke

We LOVE this school! 3 1/2 years of our lives well spent. All the instructors
here are so patient with Curtis, even when I can't be. He has learned a
sense of loyalty. His attention span and listening skills have improved so
much. With all of the classes and extra activities offered, we are always
busy. Which is great for us. Our plan is to be part of this family until Curtis
reaches Black Belt! Thank you!
-S. Barber

Since our boys have been in karate, our oldest especially, has gained
confidence in being able to stand up for himself. This was a huge thing
especially at school. They have also been having fun coming and looking
forward to being here. Summer camps were great for them and wanted to
keep coming even whey they weren't signed up for them. Encouraging,
fun, yet disciplined. Expectations for respect without harshness.
-D. Cupp

We really appreciate all that you have done for Jack and I. Jack's
self-confidence has grown tremendously. He has no fears speaking or
doing demonstrations in front of classes or groups of people. Thanks for
all your help!
-W. White

The Bennest Karate School has transformed my life for the best!
Completely renewed my mind and outlook on life and truly has made me
enjoy it more fully.
-M. Ayers

In the few short months I have been back in the school, my attitude has
improved both in my personal life and work. I am significantly more
physically fit than I was at the beginning of the year, and my confidence
has improved with the accomplishments I have achieved.
-J. Lowry

Edgewood Karate Academy has built confidence in my daughters. They
have grown academically, socially, and skillfully. They love coming to
class. The instructors are patient and compassionate. They have excelled
in making class fun as well as educational.
-L. Giddings

I have been a student with the Edgewood Karate Academy for twelve
years.  It is more than a karate school; it's my second home.  I had zero
confidence starting out and avoided public speaking at all costs.  Now I'm
an assistant instructor and can teach classes without too much problem.
-L. Dargie

When Logan gets home from school he always asks if he has karate that
day. He loves to go to class and wants to test to get to his next belt every
-G. Bush

This school has changed Joey and we are grateful for what you do for
him. Don't need to change anything about this school.
-N. Mohr

We have been here at Bennest Karate School now for about 5 weeks. It
has been a great experience. Our son loves Tuesday and Thursday
karate nights!
-E. Mcginnis

Very friendly and family oriented atmosphere with great instructors.
Bennest Karate School plans many activities that are fun for kids and
adults which helps with character development and discipline.
-J. Fletcher
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