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Karate Edge - Summer Camps For Kids
A Fun, Enriching Camp
Kids Love So Much...

... their parents have to
drag them away just to
get them home!

But it's not just fun & games.
Kids also walk away with powerful,
life-improving lessons.
**Spots are limited to insure that every
child gets the amount of supervision &
attention they need. Please call now to
make sure your child gets in.

When we tell parents that their kids are going to learn things like confidence, discipline, and respect, they

“Sounds great - but what does that look like?”

And that's perfectly understandable. After all, if your kid gets in shape, you can see that. If your child learns
how to kick and punch - they can demonstrate for you.

However, what does respect look like? Or focus?

Well, here's what it looks like...
*Teachers will start telling you how polite and courteous your child is...
*You will start receiving more eye contact from your child when you speak...
*Other parents will start complimenting your child on their good behavior...
*Your child starts doing things the first time you ask...

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Karate really is a life-changing experience for kids. And they learn these
amazing life skills in a fun, non-intimidating setting.
Karate teaches discipline, focus, respect, attentiveness,
and confidence among many other amazing skills.

It teaches children to think things through...
to show courtesy to everyone around them...
and to stand up for what is right.

Karate also teaches peace.
We show kids that violence is only used as a last resort.
Kids learn to talk things out, and come to an
understanding with one another.

In short,
they learn the makings of a true leader.

And last but not least, what is a camp without tons of fun?          Your child will be enveloped in
fun games, unique activities, group exercises that teach teamwork, and so much more.

Every moment is packed with something fun, educational, and exciting.
Your child will have the
time of their life!
Your child has special activities to look forward to each and every day of camp.
Camp Fun & Field Trips include:

Karate Lessons, Daily Arts & Crafts, Reading, Teamwork Activities, Anti-Bullying workshops,        
Trips to the park
, Beach, Bowling, Zoo & Aquarium, Movie Days, Treasure hunts, NW Trek        
Laser Tag, Weekly themed activities ...and MUCH MORE!
Camps are Monday - Friday every week, 9AM to 4PM
(Early drop off and late pickup are available for an additional fee with advance notification)

Dates:                                                                                Themes:                                                            Field Trip:

Camp Week 1       
  6/25 - 6/29                                    Super Heroes                                            Movie: The Incredibles 2

Camp Week 2         7/9
- 7/13                                       Turtle Power                                               Pt Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

Camp Week 3         7/16 - 7/20                                     Mission Impossible                                Community Pool
Camp Week 4         7/2
3 - 7/27                                    Raiders of the Lost Artifact!             Owens Beach Treasure Hunt
Camp Week
5         7/30 - 8/3                                      Masters of BrickJitsu (Legos)          Bowling  & Arcades

Camp Week 6         
 8/6 - 8/10                                      World of Wizards                                     Pump it Up - Tacoma
Camp Week 7         
 8/13 - 8/17                                     Force Unleashed!   *Space Wars*          NW Trek
Camp Week 8        
  8/20 - 8/24                                  Ninja Warrior                                                Laser Tag

SPACE IS LIMITED!  Click here to Sign up now!
2018 Summer Camp Fees:

Current Students: $165 per week * Includes Field Trip
Non-students: $180 per week * Includes Field Trip

Per-Day Rates:
  • per day rate for current students: $40
  • per day rate for Non-students: $60
(Field trips are an additional cost on single day camps)

Other discounts include:
Multiple Camps discount: If you pay for all 8 camps you will receive an additional $10 off per week!
Sibling Discount: An additional $20 off per week that they sign up!

Important reminders: Bring a sack lunch daily, snacks & plenty of drinks, and sunscreen.
Camp T-shirts must be worn on Field Trip days.

...and on a first-come, first-serve basis!

This is to make sure that every child gets the amount of supervision & attention that they need.
call now to make sure your child gets in.

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Our Karate Summer camps are available for ages 6-13 years.